Here’s some help to navigate the website and find notices, news and other information posted directly by ABIF.

There are currently several main menu headings with sub-menus as listed below.
Note that all clickable links throughout the site are coloured light green.

Home Page
Provides an overview of the Australian Blackball International Federation.
As with all pages the content will be updated as the website is developed.

ABIF Notices
Information and important announcements from the Australian Blackball International Federation will appear under this menu heading.
Currently includes…
New Year 2020 Message
Invitation to 2020 Nationals
Australian International Teams
State & Territory Contacts

National Championships
News and information about the Australian National Championships past and future.
2020 Perth
2019 Bundoora
2018 Adelaide

News Articles
At the moment there are four news categories which can be accessed as sub-menus.
States & Territories
Geelong 2020
Other Blackball

Select the main menu news option for a listing of all articles and individual sub-menu headings for news exclusively from each category.

There’s also an option to submit news for inclusion on this website.
States and Territories are welcome to submit news about tournaments, teams, players, venues, sponsors, etc.

Albums are being added under this menu heading.
Individual pages will be devoted to specific events such as the 2019 Nations Cup, the Australian National Championships and the 2020 World Championships.

Some basic information about blackball pool rules.
There are also links to a rules poster and further guidance to playing blackball pool.

As the website is developed more will of course be posted about forthcoming events such as the 2020 Australian Nationals and World Blackball Championships in Geelong.